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OSKI - waiter

more than meets the eye

Video (one is in German)

OSKI - waiter

‹Is this guy for real?› is the central question during this subtle performance.
At first, he appears to be shy, then he surprises the audience with his quick-witted and playful side: there's more to this man than meets the eye! Guests initial irritation turns into heartfelt laughter. OSKI integrates himself into the team of waiters and supports them with his work.

Several hours of entertainment from the apéro to the desert culminating in a final show.




‹OSKI is my favourite waiter!› (Sabina Schneebeli, Swiss actor)

‹We heartily thank you for your compelling, very subtle and in all parts completely successful show during the whole evening. Your ability to grasp the various situations spontaneously and to apply a very fine tint of humor, has left us – as might have realized yourself – simply enthusiastic. Shortly: We have enjoyed it very much, enthusiasm on all corners and ends!› (Municipal council Stäfa: mayor and secretary)

‹You were the highlight of an evening successful all round. You are the main topic of conversation around the house – and more than a few are suffering from sore muscles in the belly region. – Our best of thanks again and we will gladly recommend you!› (Christmas dinner Swiss Life, F. Hofer Küffer)

‹Since last Friday evening you are the topic of conversation! You have enchanted us all as waiter Oski. Everyone is narrating stories about you and all have experienced something different. You have made our wedding an unforgettable evening. Many many thanks for it!› (private celebration Tschopp-Bigler)

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